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We are located at 102 Vineyard Rd in Huntington, New York, which is a beautiful, remote, quiet, spacious location.

What we do:

Here at P.U.P.S, we offer Pick up and Drop off transportation services, Dog Over Night Care, Dog Daytime Care, Dog Walking, Dog Grooming, and Nail Clipping. Not all of these services are required, but if you are interested in receiving all of these services, we would highly recommend looking into our Paws up Bundle.

How we can benefit you:

We are a family-oriented business with a goal of providing exceptional service of care for your little family member. We all need a pet sitter from time to time. So whether you are away on vacation, have errands to run for the day, or would like your dog to make some new friends while getting great exercise, we’ve got you covered!

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